Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Predictions 2010 talks :

1) 9 Jan 2010 - Organised by Safra Mt Faber

2) 13 Jan 2010 - Organised by Absolute PR for their client, The Executive's Club (TEC)

3) 4 Feb 2010 - Organised by NUSS Guild House

4) 6 Feb 2010 - Organised by Safra Tampiness
FSQ NOTE: Hi, if you are a member of these clubs, do come and support me and see you there ! Many thanks also to those who have invited but I was unable to make it because of my other commitments, am so sorry, maybe next time and thank you for having considered me.


Alvkcm said...

Hi Master Lynn,

I have already purchased the tickets organised by Safra Mt Faber when it is release.

My friends, sis & myself will
be attending.

See you :)

Liverpool REDS said...

Hi Master Lynn,

can advise me, how to get a ticket from Safra Tampines?

Do they post it on website?

For your kind I certainly would like to attend thise seminer...

Lynn Yap said...

Hi Alvkcm
Thank you for your support !

Hi Liverpool REDS
Thank you for your question. I think you would have to give Safra Tampiness a call. Thanks and hope to see you !

Master Lynn Yap