Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another week, Another new begining !

Hi...........it is another week ! how time really flies and with so many things happening around us too.
Singapore Fengshui Blogs - Lynn Yap blog :
Well, sometimes I would go to Google and do a search if my blog is still number one in its search engine for the above and then what happens if I am not ? Well buddhism has taught me to be a better person by being more compassionate and in letting go. Do you know why we have to learn how to get go at times ? It is because by learning how to let go when things go wrong or for whatever matter, we would have learnt the art of a peaceful mind and I treasure my peaceful mind very very much, however I am not attached to it either ^_^
FSQ NOTE: Sometime ago, my friend told me that I have a 10 year old boy who likes my blog. His name is Jeremy Yang and I would like to dedicate the next song in my next post to him, hope he likes the song ^_^
Thank you to many who called to inform of their success in their love life and for some, it is financially wealthy over the years. You know something ? when I see my clients doing well over the years......it touched my heart. Sorry lah, ran out of photos to show you !!! kekeke

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