Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bazi Reading: Do you "rubber timing" ?

Today, 24 September 2010 Friday - I have two appointments today then go home.I still have requests from clients on a "can or cannnot buy" houses either on site or from floor plan.
When you become your own boss, you will find that there is a lot of time available to you and how you make the most of the time, would determine the success in you or not. And some people are simply bad at managing time. I often call this "rubber timing" (no sense of time).
When you apply this theory to children, you sometimes wonder why they do well in school and when exams come, they don't score ? Ever wonder why ? it is because : out of 7 questions, they could only finish 5, the other 2 were probably not answered because that kid simply ran out of time ^_^ Don't believe me, ask your kid and make sure they don't lie. Ever wonder why kids lie to you ? well..........we shall talk about this, next time here in my blog. Akan Datang lah ! ^_^
Bazi Reading : A Child whose day element is wood or someone with simply too many wood elements in them, would be one such character. They are so call "char char" (woody means that when faced with a problem on hand they do not know how to react immediately) and needed to be trained or taught then they can understand and this time round in their exams, they will do so much better.
If you find this theory so interesting........well, these are the things I do during a life reading session with parents or even with children and my youngest client is a 16 year old boy who found me in the internet and came one year for his life reading. Anyhow if the child is too young, I don't read for them unless accompanied by their parents. I was surprised but not taken aback as anything is possible in life. This year, I have seen more teenages who come with their parents and their parents are already my life reading clients.
In a life reading session, it is about giving them pointers and the rest is up to them. Our job as a destiny reader is done, that much we can do in one seating. Next year when they come for their annual review, the whole session opens and we discuss how they have fared in the last year or last few years.
FSQ NOTE: The annual review session for 2011 will start 1st October onwards and already I have a few bookings. These are usually my long time clients and they request for 2 to 3 hours session with them. We usually cover quite a fair bit of areas and most important of all is to help them smoothen their journey in the coming new year where next year is a year of the rabbit, 2011. Safra Mt Faber just reconfirmed my talk for 8 January 2011 on "Predictions 2011". Booking is not yet open so please don't call them, not yet, yah ?

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