Monday, January 17, 2011

In every darkness, there is a brightness !

Today, 18 January 2011 Tuesday - Last week was quite a week ! Well, this week, I am also busy with house reviews and annual reviews on top of my other new fs projects.
You should be getting my powerpoint slides, 2011 from your friends thru emails and if by end of this week, you did not receive any then you can email me at : where I personally will answer all your queries and I would always try my level best to reply as soon as I can.Of course, sms is faster or try Whatsapp (Iphone application).
FSQ NOTE1: Photo shows me relaxing having my favourite Japanese food and cold sake, yesterday evening. My job is to make you rich, healthy, happy, family harmony and above all, "peace of mind" which is free from all life's sufferings by having a change in your mindset. That is by looking at every problem from a different angle.
Try it this new lunar year, 2011 and Good Luck !!!
In every darkness if you feel you are going thru one, there is a rainbow or brightness somewhere. Be patient and it will come. Trust me.
Similarly in every brightness, there can be a darkness and therefore we must know when and how to avoid so that our lives will always be smooth under a guided experienced Fengshui Master. That's yours truly.
FSQ NOTE2: In every Ying, there is a Yang, in every Yang, there is a Ying.

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chudexs said...

hi, first i saw.. blog japenese with english languages.
nice to meet you, i'm so hav dream came to there and
i love japan coz there is country different with other.
and i want came there and see by my eyes.