Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you to all my fans of this blog !

Hi, I didn't know that I am so popular that yesterday and this morning, I received over 15 emails asking for my powerpoint slides. Well, I just hope that none got tampered like previous years. And just look at my blog counter ..... Gosh over 500 visitors to this site in one day !
Thank you ! and thank you for coming to read my blog. I will try to write juicy fengshui stories soon but not the ghostly ones yet till after the new year ^_^ so stay tune !
BTW, I have been interviewed by a Global News Company, AFP on their lunar new year story. So catch me there ! and be seeing you this Saturday at Safra Tampiness, my last talk for the year of the tiger and I have two more in February for their Luo Hei !!! Let's Huat ah !!!!


Joseph said...

Hi Master Lynn,

Just to let you know. You can convert your PPT slides to PDF
and use the security feature to protect it from being modified.

Here are some restrictions you can set:

Document Restrictions Summary:
Owner Password: Required/NotRequired

User Password: Required/NotRequired

Printing: Allowed/Disallowed

Changing the Document: Allowed/Disallowed

Content Copying: Allowed/Disallowed

Page Extraction: Allowed/Disallowed

Signing: Allowed/Disallowed

Let me know what you'd like to try and I'll send you a "restricted" copy.

Don't worry - no charge.

Stevenlie said...

hello Master Lynn, im also waiting ur pdf.. i really like ur prediction.. :)))