Friday, February 11, 2011

My thoughts

Today, 12 February 2011 (Saturday) - I will be going for work soon....what do I wish for ? I wish that everyday when I get up, I would feel very fresh and gearing for work !!! Yeah ! That's me and loving my job very very much.
I am what some call it our home grown fengshui master, fengshui Queen, Singapore (registered mark), Lynn Yap, born and educated in Singapore, from National University of Singapore.You wouldn't want to know my lecturers do you ? they would read like a who's who. I had one of the best set of lecturers and was never the brightest one in class but I think among my peers, I did pretty well in life. It is what we did with our degree that determines if we are ok or not.
It isn't easy, I have come a long long way......there was a lot of hardwork, working on the ground, adjusting people's homes/offices, working 7 days a week though not all the hours cause my job is piece meal type meaning, I get paid only for projects.
Many of my clients' wealth has grown and so too did their fengshui master, otherwise how to be gooood. Must walk the talk, mah ! (Singlish anyone ?, this is what makes us unique)
Well, I didn't know that I was so popular till a lady participant I met at one of my talks, came up to me and asked me about the 8 mandarin oranges. Then one other lady also asked, how many times have you spoken already on your Predictions 2011 ? I said 5 and 1 more to go and grinned. I never ever felt tired and I always speak with alot of passion.Even if I have to deliver it , 10 times, I would have done it like my first.
Maybe it has to be part of my training as I don't complain and you will hardly hear me say negative things. Most of the time, I am quite quiet and enjoy being alone. She attended the NUSS talk earlier on but came again for this function.
Bottomline is : One needs to have substance (be very very good at what you are doing) and some charisma in order to stand alone and to succeed in Society. You would also need to be decisive to know what you want and what you don't want.
Some people can't even make proper decisions and not even saying a yes or no. I can't stand people like this. They would soon be thrown away as "bad debts". I am quite strict with myself and is quite a saver when it comes to money.
Therefore, I never like to see my clients spending money unnecessarily. Over the years, they have changed..... some of them and grew their wealth. They are also healthier and happier as a couple. Their relatives/friends saw that and then I get to get more business. word of mouth is the best advertisment, ever.
Have a GREAT Weekend !!!

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