Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What is the meaning of Love ?

Today, 10 February 2011 (Thursday) - Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and there is no inspiration coming and therefore I don't write my blog instead go to Facebook and read what my buddhist friends are doing just in case there is a retreat and I missed it
After chinese new year (a few days of celebration) we will get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day on 14 February 2011. Sometimes I wonder what love is......I mean the true meaning of love.
If you love a person, would you change some of your habits for him or her ? I mean adjust know ? then jia lat one leh.
In the course of my work, I have met many couples, some very loving some not so loving, I mean they still argue about issues.
Maybe the true meaning of love is : you must learn to love yourself first and only when you are loved then you can appreciate love and then to give love away to others.If you cannot love yourself then how can you give love when you don't know what it REALLY means ?
Besides love has be come from within: it has to come from your heart and then people around you would be able to feel it.
This Valentine's Day, I choose to work and to deliver a talk at 1pm before I go off to spend time with my Dar. Even before I decided to work, I seek his permission and that to me, is respect. It is because we were supposed to spend the whole day together. In fact, I respect most people, it is very important in life to respect them and to make them feel good especially the elders.
FSQ NOTE: I still wonder how will I define love ?


Ming Hwei Claire said...

Dear Master Yap

I agree with what you said about self-love and self-respect.

I finally understood what you mean by this.

I wonder about this when I read this on your weekly FS 5 years ago.

I also wonder...what's love?

Do you think it's also about respecting and loving others, including all sentient beings such as pets unconditionally like we would love ourselves?


greg said...

Regarding Love

If I am not for myself,
Who shall be for me?
If I am only for myself,
What am I?
If not Now,
Then when?

from the Talmud

Anonymous said...

Kind Master Lynn,

i would define LOVE as an unselfish act - OTHERS before self. Wishing you a romantic & loving time on Valentines Day.

Ms Wong