Saturday, February 26, 2011

Padi field directly opposite the dining table

Today, 26 February 2011 (Saturday) - have you been keeping ? Fine, I hope. Sorry I was kinda of didn't write.
Today, I wish to share a fengshui tip about career : in order to have better career is to hang an oil painting of padi fields with farmer and ox and have them placed directly opposite the dining table.
The padi fields have to be yellow in colour meaning that the rice is already harvested and not green in colour, not yet ripe and forever not ripe. It is like cooking and cooking and never riped so can't harvest. You want ?
In the old days or old chinese books on feng shui, they would usually talk about hanging an oil painting of fruits directly opposite the dining table for better career and always got food to eat. I prefer to hang yellow padi fields with farmer and ox. Hope you like this fs tip !


Anonymous said...

Any recommendation for descendants' luck, especially for those trying to have babies, thanks ya.

Lynn Yap said...


Come for a life reading with me and I can help ^_^

Master Lynn Yap