Monday, February 21, 2011

Travelling Schedule

Today, 22 February 2011 (Tuesday) - How is everyone so far ? Good, I hope. For me, personally, I have been kinda of busy.....mostly doing annual reviews (started since October last year still cannot finish).
At the same time, was thinking whether to move office or not. I think I need a bigger office otherwise am very comfortable here.
The happy part of this year is : I will be going to Japan this time to Kyushu-Fukuoka in end March and to Guangzhou, China end April 2011 and I always insist on a SQ flight.
This year, my first customers came on 3rd lunar day of new year with two oranges (we exchange oranges and say good things !!!) And those who are fortunate enough to get oranges from me are always very very lucky!!! I also had a couple of Yu Sheng this year and said Good words to all of them too !!! What a great new year !!!
PS: Next year, try and be my first customer, ok ? then can "taoh" huat !!!!

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