Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What to "say"......

Today, 1st June 2011 (Wednesday) - In office as usual then later go out.
Fengshui Queen Singapore, Master Lynn Yap, BBA, NUS - Hmmm............what to write today ? Sometimes I just would'nt know what to "say" but I know I have to come up with a fengshui Queen tip for you. Everyday for us is such a busy day that sometimes we do not have time to have proper lunch and then it is off to the next appointment. Have you ever lived a life like that ? so fast paced ? Want faster ? surely can ! the fengshui can work very fast for you but then you won't have time to sit and rest and can "kaput" ^_^
Is this what you REALLY want ? I do noticed that the younger people (aged 22 to late 30's) wants that. They want to be very very busy, making money especially those in property business or those in their own businesses while those around my ages are already planning to slow down.........or maybe their energy has started to dip ! That is why we either need to go gym to work out or we need to go for our massages. Ah ! I managed to write one paragraph ! Cool, now can go back to work.
Ah, Work these days is getting quite tough, got to read email on the go or read sms or Whatsapp and even Facebook emails. Why ? because got business there to reply and if I reply late they ask what happen especially older customers ,those who know me for over 10 years. Now also got blog to write........if I write less I will worry if my customers still think of me, Lynn Jie Jie ;)
Many people may wonder what we do and why for myself I plan this and that: The truth of all is, I have a plan but I started this planning only recently (the last 3 years especially after I sold our Ubi office. You would remember that I plan to use the fund to spilt into two and to buy two properties ?)(we did that) as I plan to get a passive income of S$10k per month and so I need to work at my plan.
The hardware "structure' of my plan is complete while now we work on the softwares to get them finally completed (fully paid)(but I don't know how I am going to achieve this....we can discuss when we meet and give me some ideas ok ?) And remember in life : Do not let others who laugh at you or snigger at you influence your level of happiness. Happiness is what you make out of your life ? you can choose to be happy or you can choose to sulk.
Fengshui Queen Tip: One of the basic fengshui principles is about the use of water. Where water is placed inside your house or outside your house/office would make a great impact. Today's tip is : the dirtier the water, the better !!!
FSQ Saving methods: Tomorrow I share with you how I save money, you want to know ? come here again !

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