Thursday, June 02, 2011

Habit of saving

Today, 2 June 2011 (Thursday) - Work is as usual but quite rewarding especially when my annual review client said that his path to the future is much clearer now and thanked me.
FSQ Thoughts : How do I save money ?
1) Every 1st day of the month (or you can choose 15 or 13th day), transfer S$100/- or more into a savings account where money goes in and does not go out. It is not the small amount that is important in saving but the HABIT. Once the habit kicks in, you can be a great saver and MORE ^_^
2) When I eat alone and outside, I never order any drinks, that way, I save some money unless I am out for a great night out then drinks, Yes !
3) Use only one wallet and one handbag then your money will stay. If you always change handbags or wallets (to match your clothes) watch where your money goes then you will know what I mean.
PS: I don't claim to be a great saver but at least I try ^_^
FSQ TIP: If you wish to save more money, use only one handbag for a whole year !

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