Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Look for your inspirators

Today, 8 June 2011 (Wednesday) - In life, we should aspire to do well and be successful, all on our terms.
That is : if you think you are successful, you are. In reality sometimes, we may not be successful but we would'nt know because we thought by our own standards, we are. So, how do we form a benchmark to know that, we are successful ?
I guess we will be termed "successful" when we are "financially free". People surrounding me sometimes commented that in life we should be contented. Maybe they are trying to hint that I am too fast at my pace for personal pursuits, maybe I should slow down.
I do agree with this point that "we should be contented" but we should not be contented till we are so much in our comfort zone that we forgot to plan for a day when we are not working at all and that day can come. It's call seeing the bigger picture. I have a plan and to financially free when I am 70 ^_^ (20 years more to go build wealth.........wanna let fengshui speed you up or you swim alone, also can)(my clients are usually quite close knitted in the sense that they are a group of friends, relatives, brothers and sisters etc and they talk behind, well good things lah !) Over the years, my brand of fengshui worked for them and they see results ! no result, you can throw rotten eggs lah
Can you call yourself "contented" when one day you wake up and there is no work for you to do and so no income ? Can you survive ? If you are not financially free, you can't. You will have a set of new problems to handle and to worry then why say "contented" ? Contented has to equal to something or at least while we are planning for our retirement financial freedom we could be contented in its process so that our mind is peaceful all the time ? maybe this should be the way.
Many people do not know how to plan for retirement (should one day no work) or be financially free. I am not in a good position to speak more, so please ask the experts in this field how to be one and learn from them. I can only share with you in Facebook what I did and it all came from a plan, some 5 years ago but I did not do anything until 3 years ago when I felt that I was ready and make the move by selling my office at Ubi area and getting ready for financial freedom.
Are you Ready ? If you are, look for people who inspires you or people whom you want to be like that ! If you cant find, search deep and hard enough and you will find. They are known as your inspirators in life.

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