Friday, June 10, 2011

Travelling to Hong Kong soon

Hi ! Today, 10 June 2011 (Friday) - Work was at First Centre building the whole day and I just got home. I went to the canteen twice to buy food, other than that, I was in office the whole day.
A few days ago, my client confirmed my trip to Hong Kong and I will be flying on 24 June and back the next day, a very short trip. I can speak cantonese hope it will come to good use :)
FSQ Note: I also would like to announce that we have bought an office #09-14 at First Centre Building so as to serve you better for the next 20 years or more, lease is 56 years left and also till I am 70. I will still read your lives and do annual reviews or do selection of wedding dates, baby chinese names etc.
Without all of your continuous support, my company would not have been able to make it so soon and so fast as we sold our Ubi office in November 2009 and shifted here since, Thank you all, very, very much.
Well, I am happy that I do not need to move otherwise it will be another BIG headache. Plus for now onwards, money will be going into office equity rather than expenses like for the last 18 months and that "thought" makes me happy.
For the latest news, join me in Facebook ok ? Oh ! and how do you like this photo taken from my camera at Ipad2 and I got a white one (metal element) ^_^
Currently reading : "The Innovation secrets of Steve Jobs" (I love reading this and just cannot put my hands down or my eyes off !!!)

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