Monday, July 25, 2011

"buying a landed property" ?

Today, 25 July 2011 (Monday) - Wow ! another week !'s been a busy week as usual.
Last Saturday, I met an old client and his mum and when I finished the FS, his mum asked : Are you going home ? I replied Yes and home to watch tv (afterall Sat and Sun at 7pm, channel 8 has a very interesting Taiwanese serial to watch) ^_^
Singapore's most popular Feng shui Blog - Thank you to many who sent emails saying that they like to read my blog. Thanks ! Sometimes, I don't write much, but I guess is because my client base is rather large, that is why many of my clients feel very close to me when I write my blog....... huh ? I promise I will write more interesting feng shui tips for you, ok ?
FSQ tip: There was a day when a male client invited me to his landed property house and asked if I could just "see see" only for a small "ang pow". This young man's mum passed away in this house years ago and so when I sat at their dining table, I can feel a strong sense of energy coming forward towards me and then it whispered :"ka wa ho ho eh kua, ah !" (hokkien)
In my heart I was thinking, Eh excuse me, your son only ask me to "see see only leh" how to check in detail and tell him what to do. But then, still........ I did my best and left the place. This is a true story and the male client still lives in that house which had already appreciated in value.
FSQ Tip: Fengshui solutions can chase spirits away if really need to. There is a secret method written in the old feng shui books which only if you are righteous, will be able to get hold of this important knowledge. Anyhow, most landed properties do have some form of spirits here and there and hence when you intend to buy one, just be a bit careful and observe closely, ok ?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Master Yap, what feng shui solutions can we use to chase spirits away?

What feng shui solutions can we use to keep our house clean in the first place and stop spirits?

If not, how about religious methods?

Does ABC offer such service?

Best Regards
Ming Hwei