Friday, July 29, 2011

"whatever comes out from you, comes back"

Today, 29 July 2011 (Friday) - Today, I met a lady client who was generous enough to share with me, her theory of success.
She said :"Whatever comes out of her comes back to her" and I replied :"Yes, exactly".............seems like we share the same sentiments ^_^ and I believe that : That is the basis for success in business or whatever one is doing in life.
1) When you are kind to others, others will be kind to you.
2) When you help others, others will come forward to help you, in times of need.
3) When you give generously to others, others will be most generous to you.
However, take note : Do not purposely help others when they don't wish to be helped. They, themselves must be ready. ok ?
Singapore's Feng shui Queen Tip: How do you like my S$100/- bill tip ? Great ? Strike 4D ? ^_^
FSQ Tip1: "When your eyelid droop, it is time to remove those extra skin. If not it iscalled :"phor shiang" (broken face) Do it, so your luck will be good again. Maintaining that good luck is very very important when you are in business.
FSQ Tip2: This Sunday is 7th month, 1st day. Go online or anywhere and do a generous donation to create more merits, ok ?

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