Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Don't divide us as you would to a cake"

Today, 4 September 2011 (Sunday) - It is a Sunday and a little bit wet towards the afternoon.
For fengshui to work: remember that we need to stay in harmony with one another and to CARE for all our relatives, friends and others. Help one another for the sake of family's harmony and prosperity.
Some friends recommended "check fengshui" to their own friends in order to have better harmony, good luck and greater wealth when they realised that their friends needed help.
It's that "little" thought that cared that shows that one really really cares. Have you spared a thought to your loved ones, yet ? I hope so ^_^
FSQ Fengshui Tip: Your dining table should be a little bit messy and not too neat. The material used should ideally follow your bazi. Eg: if your bazi need earth then the dining table should be made of marble.

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