Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"Caring for one another in our fengshui environment with bubbles"

Today, 7 September 2011 (Wednesday) - Work is as usual.
How to care for one another ?
1) Care for those nearest to us first and then those who are seated next to us in office.
2) There is no need to do "extra care" only when they come t0 you and seek your help then that is the time to care. When you do care and help, ask nothing in return nor expect a favour back. That way, you will be a lot happier.
3) Share your fengshui experiences with them as well as your fengshui knowledge making sure , you don't over do, yah ? I never like anyone to be too overly superstitious.
4) Bubbles can mean bubbles from our champagne or from our feng shui pond. They are all bubbles, big or small ^_^

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