Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"tall buildings are mountains"

Today, 8 September 2011 (Thursday) - Do you like tall buildings directly facing your house' balcony ?
Fengshui Queen Singapore's (registered mark) note:
In fengshui, tall buildings represent mountains and sometimes it is good to have a huge tall moutain at the sector of your house which represents power, health and fertility.
Of course, an odd shaped mountain looking like a knife looking at your house would be bad for health or fertility. That is why, the neighbouring houses or buildings around your house or office building would be very very important to your own fengshui.
Sometimes, we can see "peeping tom" buildings, which is one mountain (building) taller than the other. Then you can be sure that other people are peeping at you and what you do, all the time. Want to live in a house like this ? ^_^
FSQ Tip: If you own a condo and renting out and you are not staying there, what is the percentage of this condo's fengshui affecting your fortune ? the percentage is 50%. Therefore, before we commit to buy, it is best to check the feng shui out before you commit. For your own stay, of course the feng shui impact is 100%.

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