Monday, October 17, 2011

"Give kindness to anyone close to you"

Today, 17 October 2011 (Monday) - It's another Monday.......and work is as usual.
We need to learn how to be kind to others. We can be kind to anyone who needs help from us. Just by offering a cup of water or giving a lift to a friend to the nearest bus stop or even buying food for them.
All these are "kindness" and sometimes we take all of these for granted, isn't it ? And that is because we forget how to "smell the roses" that is to slow down in our daily life and to "see" more out of life and to live it ^_^
There are benefits in being kind to others - only when you have been kind to thousands of people or some great deed even if it is just one great deed, the benefits will come. Of course, we start by being kind to others not because we want the reward at the end of it.
Some people may think that they have been kind to many people but wonder why the good rewards didn't come. Well, perhaps that is because it is not the right timing. Be patient and one day, your rewards will come ^_^ and is beautiful.

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