Sunday, December 25, 2011

Are you still in the spirit of Giving ?

Today, 26 December 2011 (Monday) - I am working today ^_^
7 persons are coming to my little office at First Centre.
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Christmas is soon over and now time to do more giving......
Jade Buddha is coming to Singapore in January 2012 and why not start by doing a small online donation to support this event organised by Amithaba Buddhist Centre (ABC) where I am a lifetime member. Been their member since 1994.........this is the place where I learnt about dharma , meditation and have been with the Centre's members to numerous holy sites where Buddha has been in Nepal and various parts of India. Each time I go, I stay there for two weeks !!! I like to think that I am more enlightened now ^_^
I would never have been able to go there alone, collectively, we did and it was really fun and most enriching. It was a life time experience for me. I hope that when ABC organises another of those trips, many of you can find the time to go. You need merits one, you know ? ;))
This is the link to do your donation : can sponsor rice and others !!! This creates merits for yourself and your family.

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