Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More presents !!!

Today, 27 December 2011 (Tuesday) - Just came home from work and yesterday, I went to office to do some annual reviews and some clients gave me more gifts : the above gifts are given to me on Christmas day (1) and Boxing day (2). I really felt very blessed that my clients would give me presents !!! so wonderful !!! Thank you very much !!!
Just to share with you some case studies : Recently, I did some annual reviews and found that a few of my clients bought a 2nd property in the rabbit year, this year 2011. Some even bought their 3rd property. Yes, I am very happy for my clients because when they are successful, that means that my advice to them have been good and sound. Maybe my BBA (NUS) also helped them other than the fengshui and bazi knowledge.
I even heard from my clients that an agent even told her father that her daughter very "kiang", as all the 2 recent industrial properties that she bought all rise in prices already. Wow ! She was all full of smiles when she stepped into my office while another client had his salary increased to over S$20k a month after doing fengshui of his house and life readings. yes, he was very grateful.
I like clients who are very grateful because they made me feel so blessed that I am able to help them improve their standard of living and that is why many are very generous towards me. One male client even told me : Master Lynn, I am going for a "show hand" as in a poker game. I smiled because he just bought a 4 room condo at Thomson and is his 2nd or 3rd property. Luckily, I know how to play Poker (maybe I also got a poker face) if not very "jia lat" and very "malu"............if I don't know the meaning of "show hand" ^_^ These male clients sure like to "tekang" me ah ?
Excuse me, I write in singlish, you like or not ? ^_^
Well, just a note on mickey mouse units : I heard the latest that prices at Kovan area for these units are going at S$1600/- per sq ft for a one bedroom units, the latest selling price at a nearby condo and that means that my own unit at Kovan area would have made a S$300/- profit per sq ft already as I bought mine at S$1300/- per sq ft. S$300/- profit x the sq ft could give a nearly $100k profit, that to me was really shocking but wow.
In fact when I first bought it, I thought to myself that if price go up to S$1800/- I would sell. Then I took out a calculator and calculate how much profit made and whether it was a good enough "profit" for me to let go. This is how I would think before I decide to sell. Then after selling I won't regret but move on, just like my Ubi Techpark. I spilt and bought two instead of just owning one. I have never owned a condo before and that is why I like to buy condos, they make me feel very happy inside.
Do you know very soon, I can refinance my mickey mouse unit and take out equity too ? This idea came to me when I was thinking in a car and on the way to my clients apartment. Then it hit me and I like this idea very much and was like wow ^_^
Hmm.............this idea came to me and I did'nt have to read books on property to find out. So, this is how the big boys do it. Refinance, again on the 2nd or 3rd property. But whether this can be done, I don't know because I have'nt done it. In fact, I would like to have my condo fully paid then all rental income is all solid solid at S$3000/- or S$3500/- a month, that's what one agent told me.
One thing though : if you do buy a new condo unit intending to rent it out, it is important that you stay at least one night sleeping in the new condo first before you do rent it out ok ? this is to show the tenants that : you are the landlord so they had better listen to you, this is the fengshui implication ^_^ Hmm...........getting ready to stay in year 2015 or 2016 ? Let's all huat ah !!!!
FSQ Note: these are my own opinions and thoughts only and please consult your financial advisor or relationship managers or real estate agents for further advice.

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