Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Real Happiness begin with yourself

Today, 11 January 2012 (Wednesday) - How are you ? hope so far, so good ^_^
Singapore Feng Shui blog : You know........I thought receiving presents was wonderful till I opened my presents after Christmas Day ..........and boy ! I was shocked but very happy as my clients really "know" me. Photo shows some of the presents. Thank you to all who gave me "gifts" !!!!
Fengshui Queen Singapore 2011 tip: About the 8 your freezer now, I will only reveal what to do with them after my talk this Saturday, 14 January 2012 at Safra Tampiness.
Participants pay money to come to my talk at NUSS and at Safra Tampiness. How can I reveal what to do with the 8 oranges already frozen in the fridge, now ?
It does not not make me more intelligent by doing so.
I have to THINK of all those who are coming to my talks and paid to the Organisers.
In life, we have to be "sensitive" to people or at least to anyone who is sitting directly opposite you or near to you or anyone close in contact with you. Pay attention to them or help them with kindness. If you don't have a kind heart, you will never be able to find real happiness anywhere.
Real Happiness begin with yourself.
It begins with your mind thinking positive and thinking about helping anyone who approaches you for help. It is about helping people with your abilities.
For those coming to my talks this year, 2012 : I will be giving you very good tips to make money this year as well as how to have "extra luck" for the rest of your life !!! you will be well rewarded if you are coming to my talks !!!
Let's all prosper together in the Dragon Year, 2012 !!!! See You !!!!

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