Monday, January 09, 2012

Thank you for coming !!!

Today, 9 January 2012 (Monday) - is the new year so far ? Hope you are feeling good and very busy !!! ^_^
Fengshui Queen Singapore Blog - Thank you to the 250 participants (full house) who came to my Predictions 2012 talk organised by Safra Mount Faber. Thank you for taking your time off on a Saturday and coming !!!
Fengshui Queen Singapore 2011 tip: About the 8 frozen oranges in your freezer : if the oranges bring you Good Luck then it is time to change to new ones and put new 8 ones into the Freezer for another whole year !!!
I cannot understand why so many people kept asking me when to remove the 8 oranges from their fridge ? Are they taking up a lot of space in your fridge that you dislike them so much ? if you do...........then I don't think you will see any luck.
True fengshui is about doing something and then waiting for the Good Fortune to arrive. For some it takes some time to come, while for some, it may take a very short time. It all depends on individual bazi.
Just remember that : "Ming" or your "bazi" comes first above everything else. However, if a person does many good deeds then that person would be able to alter their "ming" for a while. Hope........... you have been doing many many Good deeds.


Anonymous said...

Can we just throw away the last year 2011 orange in the Kitchen dustbin ?? or it have to be into the dustbin downstairs
Thank you for your advise.

Ger said...

Thank you Master Lynn Yap! Someone forwarded your slides to me and I followed your instructions on the 8 oranges as well as depositing money into the bank on the first day and all of a sudden, I became rich in 2011! My husband also kept asking when I can get rid of the oranges in the freezer and almost threw them away! Guess what? I became richer but he became poorer! 真神奇!

Edwin said...

Master Lynn, Your fengshui talk is very convincing. Last year you told us to keep $5 notes, how about this year. Cheers Edwin

Anonymous said...

Hi master Lynn yap, thanks for the feng shui tips bout the 8 oranges. I would like to know is it now I have to throw away the old ones and replace it with new ones? My family and all my friends are really grateful that master Lynn yap share this great feng shui tips with us. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Master Lynn. Is there any way for me to get the benefits from your 2012 prediction talk as I am in US now. Do you think that you can post your presentation on this website for the benefits of all.