Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank you so much !

Today, 27 April 2012 (Friday) - Today,  I had a wonderful surprise at 4.35pm just as I was about to leave office, a couple with their daughter from Indonesia (Surabaya) came to thank me for my fengshui tips in my blog which they found very useful and good. They did not make any appointment and yet managed to catch me ! OMG ! that's very very rare as I am in only by appointments !

Well..........the wife won an air ticket to Singapore and two nights stay at Marina Bay Sands but their first thought was to come to my office to thank me for my 2011 frozen mandarin oranges, fengshui Queen Singapore tip which helped them win ! and they also told me about the famous six one dollar Singapore coins which they pasted on the wall above their house main door for Good Luck and a friend of theirs also asked them to help get new one dollar Singapore coins to bring back ! 

It is the wife and her cute daughter's first trip to Singapore and the husband's second. They looked like in their early 30's. He told me he was here once before when he was 6 years old. When I heard this.........oh my heart just goes to them. I can understand where they are coming from and how happy they are to make this trip here. I shared with them about the "green frog wallet" and  if they can find it here in Singapore to buy it and bring it home so that they can continue to have Good Luck !

we took a photo together and then it was time to say Good Bye ....... this photo of your gift is for you ! ^_^ and I will continue to write more fengshui Queen Singapore's tips for all of you, readers

Singapore Fengshui Blog - you know something.................there is a secret to everyone's success ! Everyone has their success stories to tell.

Most of all, everyone has to believe in their dream and goal and never give up ! whether you want to be the greatest photographer of all times or the greater builder.........simply be the BEST ! I just wanted to be the Greatest Fengshui Master of all times !!! ^_^

FSQ Note: Thank you so much for the batik, it's a nice piece.
ps: Do you like going to the movies ? which movie would you watch ?

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gunawan said...

hi lynn, we are back in indonesia right now (back to routine :p), we keep our reading with or birth certificate, nice reading , very helpfull n very accurate. thank you so much, hope can see u again next year. ps. i touch the water at merlion pool :-bd