Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are you like Alice in Wonderland ?

Today, 10 May 2012 - (Thursday) - Hi! a Big thank you to all my readers who come here to read this blog. You make feel as if I am not alone when writing. This little "thought" brings "warm" and "love" to me,  thanks.

Today, a lady client whatsapp saying how come business is slow and is scary. My reply to her was : it's going to be like this till year 2015,  so just hang on.........

Then the other day, I was walking along the corridor of a building along Kallang Pudding road when my lady client called my name and I stopped to pause for a moment. She said she was looking for the elegant lady, Master Lynn, that's what her friend told her. I had a good laugh before I started work. Me, elegant lady ? hmmm.............I must ask my friends. That day at work, I tried to act very elegant ^_^ (and only one take) ;)))

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - It's not easy to write a blog and yet have many people coming to read it. I am thankful that many of you did.

A male friend text me recently and said : Lynn, you 'think" differently from the rest ? I replied "Yes, we have to". If not, we won't be where we are today without our hard work, hard thoughts and gentle marketing.

Doing your business requires that you put "effort" and "energies" into the business.  that way, opportunities will come and business will come too.

My motivation in this fengshui business is to help people and I never did focus on growing my own wealth (if I did, I would be much wealthier today as my clients were buying properties in years 2004 to 2006) till years later when I sold my Ubi Teckpark office (2009) which I bought at S$150/- per sq ft (2004) and used the profit to buy two other properties, one a shoebox condo (2010) the other my current office at First Centre (2011).

I did not become rich earning as a fengshui master. It was what I did with my income and invested them that gave me the most profit ever. I saw in some flyers that a terrace house in some areas nearby my place was sold at S$3million dollars. That is why some of my clients invited me to help them find a good landed property which could also in turn turn out to be great investments for them and I helped with all of my sincerity.

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip - today I was sharing a little tip on bazi. The client needed the "earth" element in her bazi and so I recommend her to buy some "crystals" when abroad or bring "stones" back home. I also taught her how to do "crystal ball gazing" and she uttered a "scream" like she was in some kind of fairy tales story like Alice in Wonderland or maybe I was ! ...........but I was REALLY  having "fun" when working ^_^

How many of you have had experience in "crystal ball gazing" ?  but I do and so I began to tell her my own "fairy tales" stories where I crystal ball gazed and saw myself  "shifting tables and chairs" inside the clear white crystal, many many years ago ^_^

FSQ Photo: this photo was taken in my room in Penang when I was about to go to bed ^_^

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What should i do if my ceiling fan has been fixed in my masterbed room? Appreciate your advise. Thank you