Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is your relationship with money ?

Today, 19 May 2012 (Saturday) - Just got home from work. I don't know about other masters but my weekends are usually packed with work.

Singapore Fengshui Blog Yahoo - Photo shows the big balcony at The Peak, Toa Payoh. I like houses with big balcony and best if one can walk from the bedrooms to the balcony at the living room ! Lovely ! my shoebox condo, got this but the balcony is rather small. I can visualize myself sipping my red wine, Merlot and sitting there and watching the day go by.........that's why I buy.

A Fengshui Queen Singapore Story - I think many liked my little story on fengshui but I am someone who is quite quiet most of time and when asked then will speak. Unless I am curious then I would start asking questions till I understood. Most of the time, clients only need to tell me a little information and then I can zoom into their problem or issues and then help them solve. This has always been my speciality - solving problems relating to destiny and fengshui.

Today, I want to share with you about - your relationship with money.  How many of us can carry say S$5000/- cash and won't blink an eyelid ? and walk around the city as though nothing had happened. If you can, you are very good, however if you can't .............Ah this is a problem.

There was a time when I was doing "destiny reading" and this lady said she wanted to have lots and lots of money. I looked at her bazi, she has 1 money element and so I advise her to start carrying S$500/- cash in the zip of her handbag. She was shocked ! she asked again, "S$500/- so much ?"   I replied "yes, so much but it is actually not a lot".

She then shared with me that she was afraid that the money would be lost or forgotten. At this point, I laughed and replied : you will need to count money, real cash every night  before you go to bed that way you can get a "good relationship with money" and is not afraid of losing them. you need to.

One need to learn to "let go of money" too as when one is growing their wealth as this is part and parcel of "destiny cycle" where the concept of - "when money has to come to you in that year, it will just come so there is no need to make special effort to want to have more money".

However if the wealth area of your house is activated then more money can come, that's all and more frequent too. It all depends on the speed of the pump that is pumping the water out and into your house ^_^

Someone ever told me that - if on a certain day he has collected a lot of cash then suddenly more cash come in for him and he was afraid that he might lose the cash and therefore the next morning, he would quickly bank them in.

There is a fengshui secret here - Want to know ? you would remember that I ever said that - when there is money in your bank or handbag, it will attract more money to come to you. So, better to bank in some and keep some cash still in the bag, not yet bank in (provided these money are yours ok !) then wait for more money to come then bank in the older cash and keep the new cash.

FSQ Note: Sometimes in our lives, we kenna fine or we dropped money or sometimes, people underpaid us, we must learn to let go and not force it, if it is not too much.

Have a great weekend !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I will follow closely. I already activated the wealth area. only thing is I wonder how fast should adjust the pump to be.