Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you enlightened yet ?

Today, 16 July 2012 (Monday) - Hei!'s another week !

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Last Sunday, I was at Casa Clementi to check fengshui for my client who just got keys to their new HDB flat. It was my second trip here and here is a photo of the new estate :

FSQ Note : 23 July 2012 Monday is Merit Multiplying Day as it is Buddha's First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma. Go veg on this date if you can and do a donation to create merits which is going to be multiplied 100 million times !

If you do negative things on this date, it gets multiplied too eh.

What do I understand about Dharma ?
1) That wisdom and compassion goes hand in hand together.

2) That we should not judge others and of course never to judge ourselves.

3) That we cannot say, we like this and we don't like that. We should remain neutral.

4) And that we should not have attachment to anything be it career, money or assets or even relationships. That way, we would not have any sufferings and therefore we would have found total freedom. Freedom from attachment.

Sometimes, I wonder how to write this in words so that many others can get enlightened too by reading my text on Dharma. Actually it is not how others judge me by my actions or words but it is how I do things or relate events happening to me everyday, how I handle them that determines if I am enlightened or not. And it is all in the "mind".

5) Hopefully very soon, I can become very enlightened like the Buddha  ^_^

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