Thursday, July 19, 2012

Difficult fengshui case - is that an issue ?

Today, 19 July 2012 (Thursday) - hi............sorry I was kinda of busy to write. Some of my clients know, you know ? when I hardly update my blog, they know that I am busy and they come and tell me ! ^_^ (looks like my clients can NOW read me !!!)

Well, how is everything with you ? Hope you are fine and you can always share with me when you come for your next year's annual review 2013 or house annual review or even share it with participants who are coming to my talks next year ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Sometimes you will notice that your spouse tried to look handsome or to look pretty, well it is not because they want to but more importantly was because Their bosses expect them to.

So we had to look Good and careful not to "over eat" in case we put on "too much weight" this year of the Water Dragon ;))

Well, I saw one of my lady client who got slimmer this year instead and was very very happy for her.

Feng Shui Case Studies : One of the most difficult fengshui case was trying to place the master bed in the master bedroom. Why ? It is because these days,  the master bedroom comes with two sides of the wall being all windows !!???!!

Yes, that is also very very nice but it was quite a task to tell my clients where their bed should be.

Ideally, we would place the bed where there is a solid wall behind the bed and where directly opposite is also a solid wall and we balance that by checking their bazi favorable directions.

However, with too many windows, it can pose quite an issue however "nothing is impossible" with me and so we can always have one side with long thick curtains to form a "solid wall".  I call this "Creativity at its best" !!!

In Fengshui Audits,   most of the time, we will let the clients sleep in their most favorable directions so that when they wake up, they are facing their most favorable directions so as to absorb the best Qi.

FSQ Photo : Photo shows the chinese tea that I am now drinking in my office when I do life readings ^_^     It's a nice gift set from one of my lady client. Thank you and the tea taste "Good".

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