Monday, July 02, 2012

High Up, anyone ?

Today, 3 July 2012 (Tuesday) - hi, sorry I was quite busy the past few days so I didn't update my blog. But I was very surprised to see 698 viewers yesterday even though my blog wasn't updated. Thanks for coming. Next time come often to just listen to the music videos that I uploaded ok ? ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Some friends told me that they bought some gold and already lost some money. You must remember that I have not bought mine........yet

FSQ Photo - shows the new HDB flats at Clementi Ave 1. Clients just got keys two weeks ago and I was there last Sunday and on the 39th floor ! the wind was quite strong......

I felt I was in Heaven when I stood there, 39th floor and taking this photo from my iphone4. You like this shot ?

So far, do you like my photos ?     hope so...... ^_^

Have a great week  !!!!

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alkie_traveller said...

i am from singapore and born in the year of the dragon. Thinking of buying a flat recently (36 years old now and able to get from resale market a HDB flat). But seems like property prices are still increasing this year. Will it be a good time to get one now or should i just wait and take a look see attitude? Thanks.