Monday, August 06, 2012

From today onwards, all will be smooth......

Today, 6 August 2012 (Monday) - Today is Kuan Yin's birthday and so today I go vegetarian. I would always find more ways to create millions of merits for myself by doing little acts and hope that you do the same ^_^

This morning, I went down to Kenko at Tanglin and saw a beautiful birthday cake, didn't realized that it was Elaine's birthday and she invited me to take a photo with her and so here it is ! 

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - It is always good to write a blog to keep track of events that happen to us. Some people have more happenings than others while for myself, I prefer a simple life with more time for my meditation practice when I am off work and I love my job very very much.

Fengshui Queen, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: On the 1st or 15th day of the lunar month or even on other auspicious days, there is a fengshui secret to this date : Meaning......whatever right or wrong you do on this date, it will automately be "corrected" for you and then all is well.

Hence, on these dates, we can take down the "ba gua" that is hanging on the wall above your house main door or better still get the contractor to do it for you and then give them a red packet of S$2/- will do. Or on these dates, we go vegetarian to cleanse ourselves or do other things.

Everytime, I buy a new car or I move house or office, I would usually give whoever a red packet. The meaning behind it is : so that from today onwards, everything will be smooth and good.

FSQ Photo : This is my latest photo, hope you like it !!!

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