Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday, darling, Ivan !!!

Today, 1st August 2012 (Wednesday) - Hope everything is fine with you. Everyday, I come back from work, I have to reply my emails, make appointments and sometimes I don't do it, then clients will complain the next day. These are my impatient clients. I can understand where they are coming from and I know I cannot expect them to know me and to know the word "patience".

However, I do have some very very good clients who knows me, these are the more "understanding" clients who will text and wait a few days for my reply. Best is to wait one week. Anyhow I usually would reply "text you later" but my later can mean the next day.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Someone sent me a Facebook email asking me to write more in my blog. I thought that I had already written quite a fair bit as my blog is already 4 years old, started blogging on 28 May 2008. Well, the content of this blog goes to her........

I posted this photo (touch up using Pro HDR) in my Facebook and maybe she saw my "smile" and wondered how can anyone be so happy in his or her life time ? I have been a buddhist for over 18 years and so my Buddhist training is there. 

I pray and meditate every morning before I go to work. Do you ?

In fact, everyone can smile like me.  And I also have my fair share of small problems like my metal black gate, one side can close, while one cannot close. What do I do ? for the time being, I manually close it and never uttered any word of complaint. I just do it. Can you do it ? I mean.........without your "mouth" complaining ? ^_^

Most important is to "let go" of most things happening to you, everyday. That include worries, problems. 

Worries are the worst worry. If you have that : you have to just let go of your want and your expectations of others or even of yourself. That way, you can learn to be happy. Sometimes it is easier said than done how do you do it ?

Just sit....... even on your bed and meditate for a while. Close your eyes and sit semi lotus if you can and left palm over the right palm with the two thumbs touching each other. 

Then concentrate on your breath, "in and out" count as one till you can reach 50 without the mind wandering anywhere. I can count till 100. Want to win me ? Hope you can !!! I would be very very pleased.

While, if there is a problem on hand, then simply use your gut feel to solve it and if money can be used to solve it, then solve it using money and then the problem is over and gone. Don't fuss over money issues. It is not a problem !!!

FSQ Note: I look at everyone's smile to see if they are 100% happy or half happy, Yes, by their smile ^_^

Happy 22th Birthday, Ivan !!!  (my eldest son who is currently studying Animation at NTU)

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