Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm afraid of the big bad wolf, are you ?

Today, 31 July 2012 (Tuesday) - hi..............hope you are busy at work however don't work too hard and long hours without resting in between, ok ? Health is important and it is good to sometimes be alone........... sit and listen to your body.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Sometimes I wonder why people behave such and such especially in a relationship. However, the good thing about "going from single to a relationship" is that you will discover so much more about yourself,   your own flaws. 

Then, it is important to "work" on your own flaws so that the next time events happen, you are able to handle it much better.

Have you ever wondered what is your deepest fear ?
I don't have any fear any more especially after getting deeper and deeper into buddhism as I have learnt to "let go" of many things already including my life. 

You would have to know me personally in order to know more about me as I seldom do reveal anything much.

Some people's deepest fear may be death or sickness while some maybe the loss of loved ones while for some it could be the loss of wealth or money. They are afraid to loose money hence their attitude towards money becomes very stingy and when they are stingy the Universe up there would also be very stingy with them.

So might as well be Generous then the Universe would also be very Generous with money to you. For me, I spend or give when I need to.

This topic of "fear" come about when one of my FB friend saw a video clip on fear and where I also go to the site to watch.  Hope you like this topic of fear which I know, most would hardly like to talk about it.

How to deal with fear and how I do it ?
I can share with you, how I relate to fear. I would ask myself what is the scariest thing that can ever happen and I think about it, then my own answer came and I think again until I get the feeling that I am ready to "let go" and then I "let go". Then "that fear" no longer exists. Hope you find this useful ;)))

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