Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seafood soup for you, Sir ?

Today, 13 August 2012 (Tuesday) - Hello...........today a client wanted to know if the unit is suitable for her and so I went down to Woodlands. We talked about wearing sunglasses this morning in Facebook so when I arrived, I took some photos and here is one of them. I think all women looked COOL when they wear black sunglasses !!! and this is a Fendi number ^_^

Singapore FengShui Blog - Thank you for over 852 viewers yesterday ^_^

Writing a blog isn't about being vain and showy. It's about how to communicate with the existing customers/clients so as to keep them in contact and for them to know what their favorite sifu,  Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen, Singapore is doing and how is she. Well.............this is my latest photo taken today.

FSQ Photo - Last Sunday, after two life readings I went to buy this from the fish soup stall at First Centre. I ordered a mixed seafood soup without sotong as I don't take this. My favorite is fish,  prawns, and chicken.

How do you feel ......just by looking at this soup ? I can tell you, the soup tastes good. I usually order the fish soup but thought of trying something different for a change and so here is the photo. Cost : S$4.70/-

The cake in the photo is a free gift from my clients who came on Sunday. The lady client was afraid that I would be hungry and so she bought the cake for me........... so sweet of her, isn't it ? 

Yes......it is clients like these especially new clients who had never met me before, that touches.

FSQ NOTE : Come this Saturday, 18 August 2012, I have a special guest/client who is flying in all the way from Penang to come to First Centre to see me. I also have another special guest coming in from Kota Bahru, Seremban when they have a direct flight to Singapore on 13 September 2012.  Wow !!! I am very honored ^_^ See you soon !!!!

I must tell them to visit our Garden by the Bay and take photos of Singapore's skyline !!!

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