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"The long and winding road to inner happiness"

Today, 14 August 2012 (Wednesday) - hello.......

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - When ever I am free, I like to listen to dharma teachings. Here is one link which I find pretty good for the soul. Listen to it when you have the time............

The Buddhist Blog -

FSQ Photo: When I can, I will usually take photos of swimming pool, buildings and any "fengshui" stuff that can catch my eye. But I noticed that other people like to take flowers and trees. So I also try to look deeper into the environment that I am in and look at the trees and the flowers. 

Today, it is a photo of a path that look kinda of "cute". Some people may tend to think too much and then try to analyze what did Master Lynn mean by that ? 

In fengshui terms, a path or a road is like a "river" ("water" in the two chinese characters wind and water) but a dry one. The people who walked on it will carry Qi to one direction or to another direction. Plants around the footpath when wet, retain Qi in them and can bring about some fengshui impact, good or bad  ^_^

Hence, "water" or pond if placed in the wrong location can bring about good fengshui or negative fengshui and I practiced the Flying Star School of Fengshui which incorporates the element of time like we are now in Period 8 Feng Shui.

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FSQ Note : Thank you to many who find my fengshui tips very useful and saw results after using them ^_^ 

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