Friday, August 17, 2012

What is the color of your aura, dear ?

Today, 17 August 2012 (Friday) - Today, we are going to talk about "auras". Many years ago when I went to study Reiki Healing and finished all the courses such that even now I can practice Reiki as well. In my first session, I saw a big fat laughing Buddha while many others saw many other things and we were asked to relate what we saw. And that was what I saw........just a fat laughing Buddha !!!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blog,  Master Lynn Yap - Well, I also managed to develop my "third" eye such that I was able to see "aura" in a photo especially some who posted in their Facebook Walls and sometimes I can see it above the person's head, usually above the head or near to where their hair is, if they have any left ^_^

In this photo, at a Lam Rim Retreat, 2009,  towards the end of our retreat, I somehow decided to take a photo of myself and I was surprised to see the color of purple at both sides of my hair. Can you see it now ? It has got a lighter shade of purple now. It used to be deep and bright purple.

Purple is a "spiritual" color while green is the color of "healing".

Fengshui Case Study 1- Many years ago in June 2009 while at a Meditation retreat in Hua Hin, someone wrote to Ajahn Brahm to say that a particular participant had a bell that "rings" and was disturbing his meditation such that he could not meditate properly.

Ajhan Bramn replied : it is not the sound of the bell that irritates, it is your MIND which is "irritable" and that needs to be calmed to a peaceful level then everything will be alright. 

So, whenever I hear something irritating, I would check my mind and see how peaceful my mind is ^_^ or that  I was getting "agitated" haha !

I was the one wearing the "bell" and upon hearing that, I decided to take out the bell so that everyone can have a peaceful mind. By caring for others who are around you, that is called Boddhisatva. It is a stage before getting enlightened. I am at this stage and I wonder what will happen to me one day when I became fully enlightened ^_* (hehe)(probably you think not in this life time huh since I am so cheeky)

Fengshui Case Study 2 - Many years ago, a man who was about to pass on came to have his life read and I saw his aura above him was "black". It was so prominent. He knew he was going to pass on and he just want to go to every fengshui master to have his life read so as to alter his luck. 

He also informed me that should he be alive last year, he would come and see me again. I never heard from him...........well not yet.

FSQ Photos: both photos taken in 2009 during the Lam Rim Retreat. When I saw the schedule from morning 6am to 9pm, I almost fainted. I said to myself, this is worse than working.......but you know what ? every day after the teachings, when I come back to my room, I count my days......another day gone, 3 more to go and so forth till finally I reach my final day, last day. Yes, I was that bad but I also know who knows...........I may be the one who will come out to say I renounce first than anyone else ^_^

A few years later  in 2012 - I realized that all those teachings were to "train" our mind to be more mindful and being in the present moment, here and now is the most important. When I realized that, tears roll down from my cheeks, you cannot believe how happy I was at arrive at this......and to realize that.

I just want to share with you and I know many of you want to learn (how to be really happy) - and that is why I share my personal thoughts with you. Yes, you......out there ! Yoo Hoo........You happy ????

I remembered one teacher, Ajahn Nyanadhammo saying : if you let go a bit, you have a bit of happiness, if you let go completely, you have complete happiness.

FSQ NOTE : Have a very Happy 7th Lunar Month and make sure you don't go out too late during this whole month, ok ???? Take care !!!


Anonymous said...

This is a month to rejoice and make merits. But I will be more careful as well. u take care too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Master Yap,

It's inspiring to see your success.
I'm trying to meditate too as per my teachers' encouragement.

Recently I took a photo of myself and I saw a tiny little spot of orange light under my left eye?

Is it a good sign or bad?

Best regards

Lynn Yap said...

Any color other than black is a good color.
Take care !!! ;))