Monday, September 03, 2012

Can you save money ?

Today, 4 September 2012 (Tuesday) - are you ? Hope that this Dragon year , 2012 didn't bite you too deeply. I was quite busy last week doing fengshui checks, helping clients to choose their new condos as well as destiny readings too. This time my client was intending to buy a over S$7million dollar property ! a 4 bedroom condo on the ground floor. 

And it is not true that people don't like to check fengshui during the 7th lunar month period. well, not from my clients. I still have a few who are quite particular so they booked me in the 8th lunar month, some 5 months back that's because they will soon be getting the keys to their new landed property in the west.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Well........we are already in September month and my mum was telling me soon it will be a new year. My first thought was : wa so fast ! how come so fast !  ^_^

FSQ Photos - do you like my photo shots on food ? if you like them, here is another one....

One of my all the favorite : mee rebus at Serangoon Garden Market. Enjoy ! 

Feng Shui Queen Singapore Tip - One of the best kept secret about fengshui is about the use of water. And fengshui was usually applied to the rich people, people who could afford a fengshui master while those who could not afford one, some how tend to let time pass them by. I think in today's world, this seems to be so too.

But one major factor that I find is : it is usually a person's stubbornness that sets him backwards than going forward and nothing else. I guess it is their own karma. what do you think as these people do not believe in feng shui ?

For fengshui to work effectively - If water is placed in the right place after 3 months, results appear. but if water is placed in the wrong place, wrong results also appear. Since the two words of feng shui is about the use of water and wind, these two really really matters, whether it is in your house or office. 

Hence,  if your house is too windy, then people staying in this house tend not to be able to save money. It is because the energy in the house will cause them to always think of something for example : to fill up that space or wall there !!! that how to save money ah ? ^_^

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