Sunday, September 09, 2012

Do you like to do nothing at all and everyday ?

Today, 9 September 2012 (Sunday) - How are you ? Hope you are fine.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - The past few days, I was busy working and because it is still the 7th lunar month, decided to write less. I find this 7th month very eerie.

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip : As you are busy with work, please learn to listen to your body. That is when the body is tired, please rest and sleep early or go for your weekly body massage and foot.

Someone asked me : how about running ? I said running is good for the heart but for overall well being, one still needs someone to press on the acupoints of our body so that our body qi can flow and blood can circulate well too. This is my personal opinion and if you want to know more, it is best to seek advice from the experts like the doctors. Well when you have a body massage, one can also know which part of our body is weak whenever someone presses a point that is so "suun" (tired) or even for some, it is painful.  Ever have that feeling ?

Here is a link where you can read more :

One thing I do notice is : my clients tell me that they are very very busy with work. Well for them when they are young, they can take it but not me at over 50. I tend to work less hours but 7 days a week and I take frequent short holidays to rest and relax or to meditate deeply. I love to the calmness and peacefulness that I feel in my mind and heart is simply beyond "Bliss". Try it and maybe you may like it too ^_^.........then insights may come in and you may then want to buy more gold since it is going up.

Well, my clients tell me that they like to find things to do even when they are free. I can't believe it when I first heard that. Then I share with them what I like to do : I like to finish my work and come home and "do nothing". I am so free that I have a lot of time to do many things that I like to do. 

So usually, I would watch cable tv or read a book or find things to do but....the less stressful kind and I dislike doing house work, it never gets done ;))) my favorite past time is watching cantonese serials or hokkien serials and sipping my red wine ^_^ (to me this is rest and relax......but sometimes, my mind would think of things like how does anyone who want to grow their wealth begin ? How to start ? what sort of advice should I give them ? from the fengshui perspective ? so........I would sip my red wine and think and think. Do you like to think ? ^_^ well............I do and maybe too much.

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