Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking at nature to give life meaning

Today, 21 September 2012 (Friday) - Today, a lady flew in from Jakarta to see me for a reading and then another lady for a reading and I went home by 7.30pm, quite late by my usual standard as I like to be home by 5pm even though I may work from home on emails, blog etc but at least I am home.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Today, I have nothing much to write about. Maybe just share some wisdom with you.

When I see the yellow flowers bloom (photo above),  I feel very very happy however this bloom does not last long and then it fades away.

What is the meaning  I can get from nature ? Well, to me it represents the meaning of life and then it fades away and life passes on.

FSQ Tip: Try to find the meaning in your life by looking "deeper" into the nature surrounding your environment ^_^

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