Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Readers of my blog keep me writing....

Today, 18 September 2012 (Tuesday) - How are you ? it's already the 8th lunar month and very soon we would be celebrating Moon Cake Festival.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to all readers of this blog, sometimes when I get a little lazy and didn't want to write............then I thought of the many clients who had spoken to me and informed that they like to read my blog. Yes, it is THIS that kept me going......writing, just for you.

Fengshui Case Studies - 
1) The other day when I arrived at a road and when I was about to do the fengshui for this terrace house, I noticed that almost directly opposite the house was fengshuied by me. I was stunned for a moment as this hardly happens. What is the percentage of anyone having this kind of probability ? wow. I did my best for the house and went home.

2) Once during consultation for destiny reading, my client spoke about the cc of the car and the brand and asked if he should follow this "theory". I gave him my reply and then went home and pondered upon it.  I know that I shouldn't think too much........or maybe I am getting older. haha.

This "fengshui theory" was developed by me as it was part of my life story and saw how it influenced my career and my life. I started learning driving when I turned 18 and bought my first car after graduating from NUS. I did not buy a new car but a second hand car and my dad helped me select, only thing the color of the car was wrong.......so I had a few issues with it  ^_^ That time, I haven't started learning fengshui yet.

FSQ Note: Just remember that whatever "fengshui theory" that I share with you during the consultation,  are all proven and that they work.  Though they may sound funny but they work.

3) For example: If a person need the "wood" element, I would inform them to go plant a plant on the ground.

Next was the typical reply from my clients : Can I plant in a pot instead of in the ground ?
My face changed and I said : "Don't change what I tell you to do".
(Most clients have their mindset on what they want to do or can do. However it is my job to tell them again to follow exactly what I said)

FSQ Photo : Most of the photos that you see in my blog are taken by me. Though I am not a photographer but I hope you can appreciate my little artistic talent ^_^
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