Monday, October 15, 2012

The Educational Fund for Children in Nepal - thank you for your support !!!

Children in Nepal with new uniforms otherwise they don't have any to wear...

A child receiving a new pair of shoes....

I imagine myself as a young girl there in Nepal receiving new uniforms and shoes
  think this way and your compassionate heart will open and then
you can learn to feel for others other than just for yourself.

FSQ Note:  Sometime ago, I posted a video clip on my Facebook and showed how these children rejoices with smiling faces when they were given new uniforms and shoes with kind sponsorship from Singapore.

It was a project by our precious Guru, Khen Rinpoche Geshe Chonyi now Abbot of Kopan Monastry who appointed Stephen Ching (member of Amithaba Buddhist Centre) to lead in this fund raising since a couple of years ago.

However,  I only started sponsoring in year 2010 when I first met Stephen in ABC and came to know about it....then every year I try to donate.

The sponsorship is S$100/- for a whole year for a child and in 2010, I donated to help 10 kids. Then in 2011, because of my heavy commitment in new office and new car, I only managed to help sponsor 5 kids. This year, 2012, I sponsored for another 10 kids.  These are but one of my sponsorship projects that I do each year.

REJOICE !!!! to all those Bodhisattvas efforts.

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