Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Punch some numbers in the wealth area of your house"

Today, 19 March 2013 (Tuesday) - How are you this week ?

Fengshui Queen Singapore Blog - Work is probably as usual for you huh ? Well......just work hard, complain less or keep quiet most of the time is best and only speak when someone asked you a question. 

Can do it or not ? that is don't be a "kay poh" ^_^
When there is silence in the house.............you can feel more and think better !

Fengshui Queen Singapore's tip : Today's fengshui tip is on......Try to use your calculator and punch some numbers in the wealth area of your house. You have to do it at least once a week then you can see results and more money can come to you. Try it and see the results ok ?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Master Lynn.

What is the best method for finding the wealth area of our hse?

Thank you.


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