Sunday, September 28, 2014

8 Steps to stay positive all the time !!!

8 Steps to stay positive all the time :
Below are the few ways that you can try and see if these can help you to stay positive : it has always been my wish to help anyone who comes to me seeking advice. 

1) Have Faith - It is important for everyone to have some sort of faith in "something" as it can help us to  stay positive by relying on that FAITH.

Some people have faith in their "religion" while others have faith in "fengshui". Others still have faith in their lucky stone or lucky key chain or something.

When things are not smooth or when I am down in my moods, I place my faith first in my FENGSHUI that I had done for my house and secondly my faith in Buddha as I am a buddhist. I took my 5 precepts long long time ago…….maybe around 1994/5. Can't remember already…..

2) Surround yourself with positive friends only - Try not to have negative thinking friends near to you.

3) Be Strong - This is also important and therefore you will need to stay FOCUSED on what you want then you will get it.

4) Reflect on others who are suffering - This would help make your problems look small and hence be able to stay positive. When my going gets "tough" and I am faced with uncontrolled events, I usually reflect on this and then I feel better.

5) Have no fear - The word fear should never ever be in your mind, never. Then that way you can stay "positive" all the time. And I would ask myself what is the "worst worst" thing that can happen. I then reflect on "it" and learn to "let it go" then that way, I have no fear at all.

6) Offer 2 lighted candles to God - This helps to have better luck and personal energy.

7) Do an online donation or go temple or anywhere to do a generous donation - This help one to have better "personal energy" and good luck.

8) Meditate - Spend 10 mins every day meditating.

FSQ NOTE: Bascially it is about training your mindset to be positive and think only positive things or events and everything will just fall into place ;)))

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Twilight Man said...

Thank you for sharing valuable tips always. Over the years, you have influenced me a lot positively.
When someone is down, he should visit your blog and feel the positive aura. When someone is happy, he should also visit your blog to share his happiness. I am doing it right now.