Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just chi chat …..

Today, 31 May 2016 - Hi…….…how are you ?….maybe I was busy, maybe I just did not get into the habit of writing….hence the delay. Hope you don't mind. I will try to write often from today onwards.

Photo: The photo above was taken recently. Hope you like this pix.

Pageview yesterday : 511 (Wow ! Thank you , thank you for continuously coming to read my blog)

Here is another pix just for you...….

FSQ Note: In the second photo, can you see the difference in the eyebrow ? I managed to find a shop at Nex to do it for me before CNY this year. Now I am stuck with this look. hehe…..

Anyhow, for the fengshui Queen tip here is : Eyebrow represents aspirations and hence if you need or want to have more aspirations is to do your "eyebrow" ouch ! and this goes even for the men who came to see me for their readings.

You know……...must have  "Sak Kee"   lah !!!!

Then all those spirits etc all scared of you. hehe
Bye Bye till then…...

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Twilight Man said...

Your eyes look brighter now with electricity and calling me!! Good to see you back to update your blog.