Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time to update……..

Today,  13 September 2016 - Hi ! …….How are you getting on in this Monkey year ? Hope that you are doing ok.  Some of my clients are not ok, I know…..

Update on me :
As for me, work is ok…..however on a personal level on 21 June 2016, I had decided to go full vegetarian from now onwards. 

I was quite sure that this is the way for me such that on a particular day, I kneel down in front of the altar table and said it. I made a vow as I never wanted to see killing of animals for my food anymore. I also decided to go full vegetarian for 3 reasons.

How did this all begin ?
Well…….somehow about early June , I chanced upon Venerable Hai Tao's youtube on buddhism in mandarin. After viewing one of his youtube video, I got hooked !!! so every afternoon when home from work, I would start listening to his videos.

One day, this was in June……I ate chicken rice and then the next morning….my throat hurts and I was coughing.

I then continue watching his video and one of his video told me that : if you eat chicken, your throat would hurt and you would cough because chickens die by the slit of their throats. That's how people kill the chickens for our food.

I was like…..Oh my God !!! Then from that day onwards which was 21 June 2016, I decided to go vegetarian full time. It wasn't my first time going full vegetarian. In the year 2009, I also went full vegetarian for a particular reason.

Then I decided to post all photos of my food that I ate in Instagram, my instagram account under LynnYap8888.

Nothing in particular, just curious as to what can eat and what cannot eat.

Our way of going vegetation is also quite simple: for beginners….just don't take meat. Hence, we can still have hokkien mee or fried kway teow,  just don't take the meat. Because we do it this way, it was a lot easier for many to go vegetarian particularly on 1st and 15th day of the lunar month.

On going vegetarian:
Not many people can really do this full time. It takes a lot of discipline. Food now become a means for survival and not to live to eat. I would like to eat only one meal a day. That is my goal. Am still trying as I love food….hehe

Then some of my clients could not do it even for a week….as they feel very weak. I told them to take it at a time, like go vegetarian for 4 days skip one day then go again.

And in between for myself I take 100 plus lime and eat jelly beans on the go…..hehe These give me the strength and energy to go forward each day.

Then on 6 August 2016, I attended the 3rd Siddhi Retreat and also that day, PokemonGo came to Singapore and I quickly installed the game and use my name……but I was a bit too late so had to settle for my account name as "LynnYap8888".

Till then………….enjoy your Pokeomon Game and watch your step !!!

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