Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hi to all my friends / fans to this blog :

Today, 23 January 2017 Monday : I will be going to do fengshui at Jalan Rajah then off to office then go Bartley area then go Verde area for house review finishing around 8pm.

Starting Chinese New Year 28 January 2017, I shall begin to be more active in writing and posting here.

How have you been ?

Monkey year, 2016 had been a busy year for us. We did many wonderful projects , some of which are very interesting. And I met many new friends too.

On a personal note, I started going full time vegetarian since 21 June 2016......mostly because I  decided that I did'nt want to eat meat anymore. Hence, I also made a vow which then help me as I go about full vegetarian daily.

Intially, it was quite difficult but after about 4 months later my body got used to it and I was getting brighter and looking good !

Now........ is the last week before CNY and many fengshui masters like myself are extremelly busy during this period.

Stay with me for a while.

My family & I wishes everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year 2017 !!!

Thank you for the 20 years of support !!!

A Singaporean born to a retired school teacher and housewife, working hard to ensure Singaporeans success in whatever trade that they do. I work very hard for you.

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!! 😙😙😙


Agnes CF Lee said...

looking forward to more feng shui posts from you.

Twilight Man said...

Your beautiful aura always shine and now it is even brighter. I wish you and family a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year! Huuaaat Aaarrrrr!