Tuesday, June 27, 2017

27 June 2017 : 晴天

Today is 27 June 2017 - Hi.....how are you ? We are now 4th day of the 6th lumar month. Last month was a fire month, coupled with the fire in the first half of the Rooster year..... would make it a super hot fire month for a few of my clients who whatsapp  me for help.

Hope all of you are ok now.

On Dharma books - my 3 books arrived from Amazon, still got 3 more.

On fengshui case studies - some clients after they had their house fengshuied, would still not want to cover the big mirrors in their house. They still like the decor. What can I do ? Nothing.....except that to tell them to try to cover them or remove the mrrors.

Why are mirrors bad for fengshui ? They are bad beacause they reflect energies away in their house.

Fengshui is about the study of energies inside the house. They can be used for outside the house too.

The properties of mirror is to reflect. Hence they can reflect health away or even wealth away.

Even glass cabinet doors are like mirrors. Therefore they are not good for fengshui in the house, if you do care about the well being of your children and family members staying in this house.

On Dharma - Since 2nd June 2017, I have been practising hard on my meditation, doing an hour in the morning before I get up and an hour before bed time. I tend to nap at 8pm and get up at 10pm to meditate as I would feel fresh and wont be sleepy....hehe

So far.....this works well for me. So far also........the longest that I can meditate is 2 hours and since April this year, I stopped my wine n drinks :)))

Then when I walk, I silently tell myself, left foot, right foot etc etc. Hence, I am on meditation mode , 24 hours.

Eat also need meditation, drink water too.

Working, definately !!! Had been doing this the last 20 years of my fengshui career !!!

Currently I am doing hua tou meditation according to the Chan Buddhism taught by Master Sheng Yen. Though he had passed on....but like I said earlier...he still live in his books.

Or sometimes, I would read The Diamond Sutra and comtemplate or read The Sutra of Hui Neng and reflect upon his words.

 They had such profound meaning ! :))
 WU !!!

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