Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FSQ SG Notes on the Water Feature !

On FSQ SG Fengshui Notes - This morning a lady client showed me a tall fountain which has dark brown mirrors on it and I said no, cannot buy this type. I usually asked my fengshui clients to whatsapp me and ask as I don't like them buying the wrong type.

Why ? because if they buy the wrong type of fountain, the fengshui don't work ! then wait they say my fengshui no good !    ;))

The type of water feature that you buy has a big impact on the wealth that is to come and the speed in which wealth arrives. Typically, fengshui clients can see results after the water feature is in placed, 3 months later. It has to work ! if not……..then something is not right. Need to correct it then all is ok !!!

Some notes about the Water Feature :
1) The more flow from the bowls, the faster the wealth.

2) The faster the flow, the faster the wealth.

3) The bigger the pond or the container that contains the water, the bigger the wealth.

The NO NOs on the Water Feature:
1) There should be no rolling crystal ball in the water feature as these don't work.

2) There should be no glass or dark brown mirrors in the water feature because these also don't work either.

3) Some people cannot put plastic lotus flowers or green leaves or plants inside the water as these can give them negative legal matter while some people can. All these depends on their bazi, a from of destiny reading based on their english birthdate, time, hour and country that they are born in.

4) Ideally, the water feature is against the wall , leaving no gaps or holes in the wealth area.

That is all for today……going to work later this afternoon.

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