Sunday, July 09, 2017

Much to do about Nothing

About Meditation - On 8 July 2017 (Saturday) - Early morning around 0522 am I managed to do two hours of mediation and then another 40 mins in the office. My appointment was at 12noon…... I scheduled it in such a way so that I can have more time to meditate….hehe

I have seldom done a two hour meditation in my entire life and this was a good break through for me as I am doing silent Illumination meaning when I walk…I go like "left"…."right" and …"left"…"right.

Then when I eat, I eat slowly and when I drink….I also drink slowly.

After all….there is no need to rush…isn't it ? it is after all my call ;)))

When you do this for long…….one day, can get enlightened de !!!

I had already cut wine and cut cantonese TVB show. This mean that when I am home, I am free to either meditate or read a dharma book or watch dhama talks from Youtube or podcast on Chan Buddhism.

Here is a podcast I like : it is called "Dharma Talks by Gilbert Gutierrenz" who is a Dharma Heir of Chan Master Sheng Yen. He is an attorney by profession. These talks are weekly but we don't get the latest weekly talk unless you follow their website.

You will need to download a Podcast app then search under "Chan Buddhism" or the above. I also listened to the zen buddhism podcast to have more knowledge on dharma.

Photo : Photo show me waiting outside my house for the Grab Driver….last week !

Good News - One lady client came with her daughter and informed me of her small problem. Then I said to her to go full vegetarian until the results and also gave her a few other tips.

Last week, I received a nice surprise which no money in the whole world can buy. She got into NTU !!!! and the next day they came and gave me a red packet. Here it is ….

Today 10 July 2017-  my niece, Abigail Yap (my brother's daughter) graduated with a degree from NUS. She did History and I remembered her asking my dad about the history of our Yap Family Tree.

Hence, mum told me that my brother's clinic is closed half a day today as my brother is attending the convocation today !!! Congrats, Abigail !!!! ;)))

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