Sunday, July 09, 2017

The flying Dragon across the Monday skyline !

Today, 10 July 2017 - Monday - This morning as I was on the way to Thomson Plaza…..suddenly I looked up and saw this beautiful white cloud that looked like a flying dragon !!! (thanks Tracy for the prep) I know that most of you are working today…but don't envy me when I am on an off day because I am close to 60 years of age liao….by right can retire already but I felt that I can still work a bit more before I go on a slower mode… I keep on working 7 days a week except on some days I get a bit more free days…..hehe

Later as I was going home….I saw this !! quite nice formation of white clouds in the sky yah ? Both photos taken when I was in Grab car (can see reflection, right)

Today - First of all, I would like to thank 699 visitors to my blog yesterday and one friend from Facebook showed me a frog wallet and asked if she can buy this. I said yes and later she emailed again telling me where my clients/fans can find that frog wallet. I informed her that we all already have one in our handbag….hehe

FSQ SG Destiny Reading tips :
A) If "water" is your favorable element then every day MUST laugh or sing !!! because laughing or singing is the "water" element ;)))

B) If your money element is "fire" that means that you need to get very very angry then the money comes !!! Because anger is the "fire" element :)))

FSQ SG Fengshui Tips : 
A) Without inviting a fengshui master to your house to check fengshui, first look and stare hard at your house especially the living and the dining room - check and ensure that there are no glass cabinet doors and no mirrors in those areas.

Otherwise there is no harmony in the house and career not good because the mirrors can reflect your dining table (represent career) away then career is no good. 

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