Tuesday, August 08, 2017

8 August 2017 -

Today, 8 August 2017 (Tuesday) - Hi..........how are you ? Fine, I hope and getting ready to celebrate  National Day tomorrow !!! 

Thank you to the over 232 pageviewers to my blog yesterday. Thank you.

On Dharma - The Shurangama Sutra is really good in helping one to gain knowledge into our true Buddha Nature. It also helps in our meditation and to know how to gain enlightenment faster. (see the Youtube Video clip below).

On Feng Shui - I am still quite surprised that many people do not know that their dining table in the house represents career and some still have a glass dining table which breaks easily. Do change it if your table is like this.

Or simply use a table cloth to cover it first until you buy a new one. The type of material also do count. If wood is your favourable element, then you need a wooden dining table while if earth is your favourable element then you will need  a marble table.

The table where we sit to eat and drink is our dining table especially eating. Hence, if inside your house, you eat at your balcony and eat at dining able plus also in the kitchen, then your house can be said  to have 3 dining tables !!! ;)))

Another Feng Shui case study - There was a man who was told to buy a painting of trees to hang on his wall directly opposite his dining table. 

He bought the painting and the trees had orange leaves (Autumn). So what happen was : after he hang the painting, he keep on spending money because wood is his money element and suppose to be green, green one right...he had orange leaves. The green leaves turn orange in autumn mah.

And also, money was very difficult to come in........then he whatsapp and asked me then realised the mistake and got it repainted to all green colours now.

On life Reading - It is good to know which part of Singapore , you should stay so as to enhance your overall wellbeing and good fortune.

Some clients live in Malaysia and we use WhatsApp to chat to talk about their life readings. Some how technology can help people too.

FSQ Fengshui Tip - You should sleep on your most favourable colour for the bedsheets every evening then the good fortune can come...........and stay Happy all the time !!!

PS - What is your lucky colour ??? 

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